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Hannah Andrews, MA, NCC, Resident in Counseling

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Current Availability:

Availability via telehealth from 9AM-7PM

Hannah Andrews remote and phone therapy in VirginiaHannah Andrews remote and phone therapy in Virginia
Provides therapy in Virginia

About Me:

  • My clients describe me as:

    Someone who will work with you to identify your goals and actively work towards them. I am authentic, open, and honest.

  • Something to know about my approach is:

    I like analogies... you are currently sitting in a pond full of grime and slime, no wildlife in sight, and the water is muddy brown. This is what life looks like following hard seasons, bad childhoods, or rough relationships.

  • Together, we will:

    Step one, figure out what is fueling the grimy pond. A mentor once told me, “If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you get there?” Step two is identifying what you want your clear pond to look like.

  • I specialize in working with people who:

    Are looking to experience a crystal clear, beautiful pond. This pond represents a clear mind from learning ways to cope, building boundaries, and having positive thoughts; having positive supports; and live AND thriving.

  • I became a therapist because:

    I have been stuck in the grimy and slimy muddy pond myself. I found passion in helping others find their worth & the crystal clear pond they DESERVE!

  • Something that stands out about where I offer therapy is:

    I encourage you to take a look around… What do you see, feel, hear? Which pond are you currently in? You don’t have to clean up the pond alone.

  • More about me and my practice:

    Your first session is the most nerve wracking, but it's the easiest. What you can expect at this session is getting to know each other! I will gather some info on how you got in this muddy damn pond, & together we will plan how to get it cleared.

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Out-of-Pocket Fees:

$60 - $75

In-Network with:

Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, Optima Health, Optum, Optum Health, UnitedHealthcare

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