We believe the power of therapy should be accessible to everyone.

At Mental Health Match, we’re removing a barrier that has kept people from growth and healing - the barrier of finding a therapist.

With a network of thousands of independent therapists across the U.S., our instant matching service makes it easy to find a therapist who meets your needs.

We are passionate about therapy and the lives it transforms

We are driven by the following values:

Privacy: We do not collect personal information and will never sell your data. We’re here for you.
Independence: Therapists should be able to run successful businesses and be valued for their expertise. We see ourselves as an ally to help therapists start and grow their own practices.
Authenticity: We work to reduce stigma around mental health and lead open conversations about the issues so many of us struggle with.
Access: We believe everyone should be able to benefit from therapy, and that it should feel encouraging and reassuring to find a therapist.
Inclusion: We know how important it is to feel seen by your therapist, and believe the same is true for the process of finding a therapist.

Our Story

A few years ago, our founder experienced something all-too familiar.

After suddenly losing his mother, Ryan Schwartz searched for a therapist for the first time. He quickly got overwhelmed so he asked his friends for help. Many of them replied they too got so overwhelmed by the search for a therapist, they just gave up.

Sitting in a coffee shop across the table from a friend who was swiping on a dating app, he thought, "What if a modern approach made it just as easy to find a therapist as finding a date?"

After several years of intensive research and collaboration with both clients and clinicians, Mental Health Match was born. Read Ryan’s full story here.

Ryan Schwartz, Founder of Mental Health Match
"This site is fantastic! I had been searching for a good therapist without success. I tried Mental Health Match and was matched with the perfect therapist. I cannot say enough thank you’s!"
Erica M., Raleigh, NC