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In 2017 Ryan Schwartz unexpectedly lost his mother, and he was encouraged to try therapy for the first time. While grieving deeply, he got lost in clunky websites, unhelpful information, and appointments with therapists that weren’t a fit. The process was confusing, time-consuming, and totally demoralizing.

As he healed, he was inspired to create a better way for people to find care. He talked to therapists, tested ideas, and asked people looking for therapy what they needed most.

Mental Health Match is here to make finding mental healthcare human and helpful. Our goal is to be the very best place to find therapy.

Over the past five years, we’ve brought together some of the most passionate mental health advocates to create a clear, effective path through the messy landscape of mental health care.

We now help thousands of people every week find a therapist. And out of loss, Ryan has found a way to honor his mom and turn his pain into purpose.


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Industry Leaders, Building with Clinical Rigor

Image of Bradley Gabr-Ryn

Bradley Gabr-Ryn

Head of Experience Design

Image of Ann Dypiangco

Ann Dypiangco

LCSW, Clinical Advisor

Image of Alison Fox

Alison Fox

Chief Connection Officer

Image of Maria Gutierrez Lopez

Maria Gutierrez Lopez

Care Manager

Image of Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz

Founder / CEO

Image of Whitney Guevara

Whitney Guevara

Care Manager

Image of Sam Alexander

Sam Alexander

Technology Advisor

Image of C. Adamo

C. Adamo

PHD, Clinical Advisor

Image of Sarah Crisp

Sarah Crisp

Head of Product

Image of Danielle McDowell

Danielle McDowell

LPC, Clinical Advisor

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