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Christine Adams

Christine Adams remote and phone therapy in North CarolinaChristine Adams remote and phone therapy in North Carolina
Provides therapy in North Carolina

About Me:

  • My clients describe me as:

    Will catch clients when they run past painful or deep emotions, frequent invitations to slow down and contact painful feelings in session.

  • Something to know about my approach is:

    We won't be pushing past the parts of you that need attention. No part of you needs to "go away" or "be fixed," or "exiled," we will sit with all the parts of you with kindness, curiosity, and an invitation to explore them deeper.

  • Together, we will:

    Work on giving care and attention to the lost, guilty, or hurt parts of you. Making room to feel emotions that have felt too big to contact or access over the course of your life or from a recent event.

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$85 - $135

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