Suzanne Mouton-Odum, Ph.D.

Suzanne Mouton-Odum, Ph.D.

Current Availability:

Monday through Friday: 9- 5


About Me:

  • Three words that describe my style are:

    Fun, understood, positive

  • Something unique about my approach is:

    Expect to feel supported while being encouraged to move toward behavior change that is positive and real. CBT works, but a person must feel understood and supported through the process. I encourage self-compassion and self-acceptance always.

  • Together we will explore:

    I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a variety of Anxiety and Body Focused Disorders. My approach is compassionate and focused on establishing and building a relationship with the client before moving toward change.

  • I specialize in working with people who:

    I enjoy working with people who feel anxious, worried, preoccupied with negative thoughts, overwhelmed, and stuck in ways of thinking and feeling that are not working. Therapy involves changing brain habits to help people change their brain habits.

  • I became a therapist because:

    I am fascinated with people and helping them to change aspects of their lives that are not working for them. I am non-judgemental and make therapy fun

  • Something that stands out about where I offer therapy is:

    We have a beautiful space that is peaceful and attends to all of the senses in a thoughtful way

  • When I’m not at work, I like to:

    Have fun with my clients and co-workers, relax, and work!

  • More about me:

    I am a mother, a wife, and an encourager of change. I see the positive in all people and wants them to do the same. I

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