Why Your Therapist Headshot Matters

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As a therapist, your headshot is the first thing potential clients see even before they read your bio or list of specialties. 

Your headshot can immediately cause someone to feel a sense of trust and connection with you, opening them up to learn more about you and start the process of becoming your client.

While your training, experience, and specialities are also important to potential clients in their decision-making process, none of that will be seen if they scroll past you because your headshot is a turn-off.

Think about it…would you want to open up to a therapist without a headshot at all? What about if they look grumpy or if the photo quality is poor?

Think about when you’re online shopping and scrolling through Amazon search results. Do you click on the product that has a blurry product photo?

Headshot Tips & The 4 Elements

Your headshot doesn’t have to be taken by an expensive professional photographer to be great. There are actually just four ingredients for the perfect headshot: 

  • Lighting
  • Eye Contact
  • Background
  • Presentation  

Learn more about each of these elements, including examples of what works and what does not, with our free guide below.

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