Using Metaphors to Process Emotions

Using Metaphors to Process Emotions
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Metaphors are often used in communication between clients and therapists as a way to understand more about a particular topic, situation, people, places, or objects. We use metaphors to gain perspective and insight. In therapy, metaphors can be powerful tools for sorting, exploring, and processing emotions. 

Here is a balloon metaphor:

Your life is a cluster of balloons with different sizes, colors, and shapes. Each balloon is an aspect of life that needs attention, time, and energy. The larger the balloon, the bigger the personal demand. The shorter the string tied to the balloon, the more pervasive. The balloons are kept together and grounded by a centralized anchor. Some balloon strings need slack, others need to be pulled taut. If not grounded and checked regularly for strength, the anchor will lose grip and the balloons are at risk of floating away at the whim of the wind. 

What or who is your anchor? What are the steps you can take to ground yourself against the whirlwind of life?

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