The Antidote for Shame

1 minute Written by Remmy Williams
Shame is a universal experience among humans. It infiltrates the story we tell others and the story we tell ourselves. Shame loves to hide. Do you ever feel like there’s a story you tell yourself that keeps you exactly where you are? The one that never fails to remind you you’re incapable of rewriting something different? It takes courage to expose shame and be vulnerable. Maybe you don’t have a safe place to feel you can unpack that story you tell yourself. Can I tell you something? There is such a place. Counseling allows you to speak freely with no judgement. It’s your safe space where you can share your story with someone in confidence. I will see you, hear you, validate your story, and work with you to rewrite your manuscript.
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Written by Remmy Williams

Remmy Williams is a therapist in Texas who specializes in couples and individual therapy.