How I Can Support my Clients During Such Challenging Times

Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

Life is changing so fast I can’t quite catch up with it.

Panic, chaos and misinformation are cemented into our lives. The number of deaths, sick and burned out health professionals are increasing exponentially.  Self-quarantining and distancing are the orders for weeks, if not, months to come, as if we weren’t disconnected enough already.

I’m sunken in the quicksand of gloom. Disease and disruption has been consuming me. I haven’t showered, shaved or changed my clothes for three days, eating out of control, with  severe cabin fever.

I’ve become a memory of myself. What happened to me?

I used to be the relationships guy. Natural born relater off the streets of Brooklyn. The bridge between connection and disconnection. I empower the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with Self.

How can I help or support anyone when I’m so adrift?

Turns out that my venting and sharing conversations about my funk helped me find my way back to myself, my purpose and what is most important to me.

Now that I somehow got my legs back, I see a world in flux, as if hit by a tidal wave, that this “new normal”, as Brene Brown said on her most recent podcast, “is swallowing us whole.” 

What I  always come back to when I’m at home in myself and inspires my work is my knowing that us human beings need to connect and when we don’t, we suffer. Our need for love and connection ever dies. 

And at times like these when mass disconnection may be the “new normal,” it is incumbent upon us to be more proactive and creative than ever were before, to reach out, online.

I also know that we don’t have to be (physically) together to connect, that love and connection are felt experiences that transcend physical proximity. I know it’s possible to connect in a deep and meaningful way online, i.e. Zoom, when relying on our non-physical presence to connect, i.e. our eyes, words, voice, face and consciousness.

My best friend had been carrying on and developing a year-long relationship by meeting every day for the last year on What’s App. 

My brother has been reading bedtime stories to his grandchildren online, his daily medicine, on FT.  

My son shared about his incredible virtual dancing experience with 25 other people, online.

A friend had conducted his mother’s memorial service on Zoom.

I celebrated my son’s birthday on Zoom, with my whole family together on Zoom.

“The times, they are a changin” and I’m back on my path. From now on, I’ll be conducting all of my therapy sessions as well as relationship training workshops and programs via Zoom.

All of the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with yourself; and becoming more conscious, connected and creative. 

Remember, during these times of heightened stress and overwhelm you can take care of yourself by being more proactive and creative in your efforts to get your need to connect met, online

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