Happy Back-To-School

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Happy Back-To-School month! Although it still may be brutally hot in the DMV area, children and parents everywhere can feel the seasons changing. School supplies shopping, first day of outfits and after school activities, oh my! The laid back days of summer are certainly coming to a close.

While some parents, families and children may be excited to get back into a routine, others may be struggling. Maybe bedtime is now different (or there was no bedtime), afternoons are filled with activities, homework is back and the general pressures of friends and social media are in full swing. AND, some parents are back to facing their recurring nightmares – packing lunches!

If you are feeling the “Sunday Scaries” and back-to-school anxiety, there is a good chance your children are feeling this too. That is actually a good thing! This means that you are in a position to fully understand what your child is going through and can walk through this experience together.

How do you this, you may ask? Remain curious! Start a conversation! Here is an example, “Hey Tommy, I have been feeling a bit anxious with the changing of routines now that school is back, I wonder how you are feeling about it.”

Open up, relate and leave the door open for any feelings or thoughts that may come your way. As always, feel free to reach out to learn more tips and tricks for you and your children!

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