Dual Diagnosis and Treatment: 6 Points to Consider

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Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

Drug addiction and mental illness are often merged in such a way that it becomes too difficult to calculate whether the addicted person is addicted due to some mental illness or he is suffering from mental illness because of drug addiction. In most cases, both disorders occur side by side in a single person. This condition is called a co-occurring disorder. This co-occurring disorder may include depression, anxiety, psychosis, or bipolar disorder along with physical symptoms of substance abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment is given to a person who has critical mental illness along with severe and problematic substance abuse.

Both mental and substance abuse disorders should be treated side by side rather than treating both the disorders separately, to carry out a successful rehabilitation process for an abuser. Because having a mental disorder and not treating it can affect the way an abuser’s body may receive the treatment. Which in turn might affect the whole process of rehabilitation. Hence the importance of dual diagnosis treatment can never be underestimated. It can be treated via online addiction treatment from the ease of home. But it is suggested, if a person is diagnosed with a dual diagnosis disorder, he should seek help from a proper rehabilitation center.

Choosing a rehab is very important but choosing an ideal rehab for treatment of dual diagnosis is vital for the proper recovery of the patient. Certain crucial factors should be taken into consideration before choosing an ideal rehab. Some points can be described as follows.

The most important thing for dual diagnosis treatment is the confidentiality of the patient. An ideal rehab should always keep the privacy of the drug abuser a top priority. If someone is looking for a rehab for his or any loved one’s treatment, this should be the major trait of the rehab so that the patient may carry his medication and treatment with complete secrecy and confidentiality.

For a person diagnosed with dual diagnosis, it is advised to take inpatient treatment. But if outpatient treatment is under consideration, the rehab must be near the residential area. Do not go for a dual diagnosis center that is far away from your home. 

Another critical point of consideration that should be taken into account before considering rehab for the recovery procedures is the payment options. It should be confirmed before taking into consideration a rehab that either your insurance is accepted in the rehab or not. Many insurance companies do not cater to inpatient treatments. They only cater to outpatient treatment. All these matters should be taken into account before deciding on rehab. Go for rehabs that accept your insurance plans

Facilities Offered, In Case Of Inpatient Treatment
If a drug abuser opted for inpatient treatment, many factors must be taken into account before considering rehab. Quality of food is the first and the foremost thing that should be taken into account for inpatient treatment. As a well-balanced and healthy food plays an important role in the recovery procedures. Similarly, the environment must be as comfortable as it can be, to provide the patient with a friendly environment for his rehabilitation. Housing facilities must be at their best for creating a positive and healthy environment necessary for the rehabilitation of the abuser.

An Integrated Approach To Treatment
The signs and symptoms of dual diagnosis treatment vary from person to person. So the treatment offered to every single person suffering from dual diagnosis symptoms must be given an integrated and specialized treatment for his very own signs and symptoms. Rehab should not use a “one-size fits” approach. There exists not a single treatment on earth that works for every single patient. The patient or his loved ones should consider a rehab that is specialized in the symptoms of the problem. While seeking out an ideal rehab the patient should take into consideration his own needs as well as the services provided by the center. 

Psychiatrist’s Team
Rehab should be equipped with a team of trained and experienced psychiatrists. Psychotherapies are a must part of dual diagnosis treatment along with medical treatment. So while seeking an ideal rehab a proper team of psychiatrists should be considered.

Bottom Line…
Dual diagnosis treatment is a vital treatment when it comes to the rehabilitation of a drug abuser. But this process can work wonders only if the rehab is chosen wisely and after a complete thought process. So the above-mentioned points might be taken into account before considering rehab for rehabilitation of a substance abuser also suffering from some mental disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment is very important in the process of rehabilitation of a drug addict. The physical symptoms of any substance abuse are very much clear and visible but it is important to never ignore the mental sickness of the drug abuser. As both these conditions occur side by side.

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