3 Ways to Cultivate an Intimate Relationship

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If you’ve been in a relationship for an extended period, you’ve likely experienced the dryness and boredom that can happen. No matter how committed or in-love we are, relationships require sustaining and cultivating to remain positive and intimate.

Like nature, our relationships go through seasons in which they feel in full bloom, new and exciting, and through seasons in which they feel cold and dormant. Also like nature, relationships require nourishment and attention. You cannot buy a luscious tree in full bloom and without sunlight or water expect it to blossom for years to come. As strong as it is, the plant still requires sustainment and cultivation. We are wise to notice the season of the relationship and care for its needs which are in constant flow.

Though it can be uncomfortable, intimacy is worth the work. It feeds our purpose and aliveness; we thrive in positive, intimate relationships.

Intimacy is the space we share with another person, mutually honoring the unique beauty of the most honest parts of ourselves. It is the experience of being seen, known, and honored for who we are.

1.   Practice Non- judgmental listening

Feeling understood is a powerful tool for intimacy. Practice listening fully without thinking about what you might say next or considering other perspectives. Encourage your partner to share their fears and desires.

2.   Connect through eye contact and synchronize the breath

Practice communicating without words. Connecting through the eyes and breath brings us into the present moment, putting disagreements in perspective.

3.   Play

Set the shoulds and the pressure aside. Access the enjoyment you experience with that partner without the prerequisites. Do something for the pure purpose of pleasure. The shoulds and pressure will always be there when you’re done, but you’ll likely have a different perspective by then.

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