A Couple’s Guide to a Strong Foundation In Your Relationship

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At the point when you’re simply embarking in a new connection, there is a wide array of material to discuss! You may find that you share huge numbers of similar expectations and dreams for what’s to come. The thought of building a strong foundation in your relationship is rarely a though process during these moments, as you are living in the present and loving it.

As your connection starts to develop, you would like to be certain you are assembling an unshakable bond on which to set your foundation of the relationship. Having that strong connection will enable your relationship to face the hardships of life and unite you in the wonderful times.

In the past, it was not surprising for couples to remain together to a similar individual for their whole grown-up life. It was normal that you would just have one life partner except if passing removed them from your life. It was additionally expected that couples would purchase a home and remain in a community to bring up their kids.  Stability in where you reside and overall devotion were two of the backbones of a rock solid relationship.

A Shift in Relationships in the Modern Times

In the present worldwide economy, you’re not, at this point expected to remain in one community as long as you can remember. You may, all things considered, venture to every part of the nation or the world as your partner or your career develops. Nonetheless, you can still maintain a strong and healthy relationship that can flourish for years to come.

Shockingly however, it appears to be that individuals today have fear in settling down. Rather than entering a marriage with the goal to stay regardless, numerous individuals go into marriage with the possibility that, “I can remove myself if things don’t work out.” Having that thought, regardless of whether it is anything but a cognizant idea, makes leaving a lot simpler when difficult situations arise.

The way to a dedicated marriage with an unshakable foundation is an ever evolving process dependent on a recognizable guide. A couple must decide to choose if they’re willing to make the excursion together paying little heed to where the street may lead.

The Journey Along The Way To A Rock Solid Foundation in Your Relationship

The Love Story

Sentimental love is the most effortless type of affection. Actually, it’s almost too easy. Every individual accepts the other is great and that their adoration can withstand any burdens that may come. This period by and large endures around two years however can change as early as six months into your relationship.


Once the clouds start to roll in on a relationship, the couple starts to understand their other half may not be as wonderful as they suspected. There may likewise be a little hiccup in their relationship as changes are presenting themselves. This is the place where the genuine relationship originates.

The Time to Compromise

There will come a time in a relationship where the forces of power start to look like a game of tug of war. This typically follows after each partner acknowledges they have to modify their goals and ambitions for what today is present moment is presenting in their relationship. Now one or both may choose to leave the partnership. In any case, if couples can navigate these muddy waters for success that they can have together during this time, the relationship has a great probability of breaking through. This is a vital moment of figuring out how to take care of issues, discussing and collaborating to get what they desire, and settling differences.

Re-Assessing Your Relationship

Next comes a point where every one reconsiders their relationship. They go to loved ones to get affirmation that they weren’t trivial all things considered. During this period, the rate of infidelity is more probable now than at almost some other moments in the relationship.  They must hold steady to their dedication and re-realize individually who they are first before thinking of the pair.

Bringing It Back Together

Those forces that were pushing against one another earlier start to pull you back again starting here. There may be still have clashes and contrasts during this time, however every one is all the more giving and excusing where it is deemed necessary. They have faced a few hardships and are prepared to begin the journey ahead.


This is the stopping point for building an unshakable relationship. They have figured out how to communicate their own necessities while paying special mind to the requirements of their other half. Nobody expects the other to address their every issue, and there is an equilibrium of being individualistic, as well as a partnership. They would now be able to meet any tempest head on and come out standing on top of their relationship, together. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, their affection and devotion just develops exponentially.

In addition to adoration and responsibility, there should be faith, cognizant consideration regarding your other half, and shared respect. With this structure, will put upon a strong establishment, your relationship will consistently be solid when we face the rollercoaster of life. Check back on this guide during your endeavors in your relationship, form an unshakeable bond, and be thankful for an authentic romance for life.


Nicole O’Hare, MS, LPC, CMHIMP is a Licensed Professional Counselor and  Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider at A Beautiful Soul Holistic Counseling in Chandler, AZ along with completing Level 3 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which allows her to provide tools on helping couples communicate effectively and transform their relationship, which offering a more holistic and integrative approach to achieve optimal health and wellness while preventing common mental health problems. You can find her on: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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