Couples Therapy: The benefits of a “Check-up”

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Many partners/couples are finding it hard to stay together and positive during the recent situations of the world with quarantine, the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID19), and home schooling their children. Partners/couples are adjusting to being home with their significant others more time in the day than ever before and re-learning more about their partners. The adjustment of society has led to not having movie theaters open for date night, favorite vacation places closed, and get-togethers with friends and family postponed.

For many couples, this removal of social adventure has led to looking inward to the compatibility of the couple’s core values. With minimal distractions and events to do together they are now led to examining the inner workings of their couple style and feelings toward each other. For some, this reflection has led to divorce. For others, this challenge has brought them closer together and improved the core of their relationship.

In couples therapy, we examine the strengths in your relationship and the challenges faced. We travel back to the beginning of the relationship to determine what has changed in the present. We focus on future goals and where you would like the relationship to be. If infidelity is present, then we look at rebuilding trust and commitment toward each other. In couples therapy, conversations around sex and intimacy are explored as well. Wants and needs of a couple’s bond and closeness are discussed.

Each partner relationship is different, and each couple requires different conversation. We travel to where you find the most helpful to your relationship and what you would like to talk about during the session. There is hope in your relationship and it can be re-formed however fits you both the best – with trust, appreciation, feeling safe, being proud of each other, being happy and feeling again like home!

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