Role of ego in relationships

Role of ego in relationships
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The role of the ego has no end regarding the implications around relationships of every kind including the relationship with yourself. An example of an ego response would be when a person does something that incites a visceral reaction bringing up strong emotions and thoughts such as rejection or anxiety. Notice the quality of your thoughts in these moments and how quickly they are to jump to conclusions. Pause. Breathe.

Take space if needed. Communicate. This is an opportunity to turn towards your partner and ask for clarification.

“When you did ______ and said _______ I felt ________ and thought _________. Can you help me understand if I viewed that correctly?”

A formula like this can begin to help you and the other person  learn about each other and create growth opportunity rather than driving a wedge between you. Is the purpose of growth to banish the ego? No! The purpose of exercises like this is to better understand the role of the ego and begin to develop a working relationship with it which leads to a more fulfilling life. ✌️ 

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