The Challenges of New Goals

The Challenges of New Goals
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It’s a new year, and as you make your way through January, you observe the familiar commercials and schemes promising products and plans that will change your life! Just do this “one trick” or “15 minutes a day” trends plaster news feeds, TikToks and Insta reels. While some of these supposed magic fixes ought to come with a dose of healthy skepticism, at least some of the ideas are actually rooted in effective strategies for growth and change.

Yay! Inspiration! Your imagination runs wild with the possibilities, and maybe you envision a shining future completely shaped by this new product or habit. Maybe you download a meditation app, start a yoga program on Youtube, buy adult coloring books, take up guitar, or purchase the latest fruit and vegetable juicer on the market. Yes! You’ve started your journey!

You try the new activity or product and think, “Wow, this is amazing! I am so ready for this to be my thing!” Maybe a day or week goes by with your new thing, then suddenly, life happens. The baby throws up on you, the dog isn’t getting walked, the kids aren’t doing their chores, your partner is down for the count with a nasty flu bug, and the childcare you were counting on is suddenly unavailable.

What Now?

What are you supposed to do when life gets in the way of your newfound interests? Sometimes life throws you curveballs – your time, energy, and attention are consumed by the unexpected, and you feel little to no choice in how you approach your day.


To stay connected to your goals, try asking yourself the following questions-

  • Do I never get the chance to prioritize my goals, or is it that things sometimes happen that make me feel this way?
  • When life sometimes gets in the way of a new goal, what’s keeping me from trying again?
  • Is it all or nothing? If I can’t spend an hour or thirty minutes on my new goal, what about less? Can I show up for myself, even for five minutes, and still feel excited about progress in my goal?
  • Is it something I actually still care about, or have I subscribed to an idea that just really isn’t me?
  • When some life circumstances are beyond my control, where can I feel empowered to still make choices that align with my priorities?

Remember to Reflect

Remember, new habits or goals take time to develop. Be patient with the process, and leave time to regularly reflect on the above questions.

You can do it!

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