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I know the feeling. You’re feeling burnt out by the pressures and expectations of life; whether it’s from your family, job, friends, school, or maybe even yourself. You feel that you’ve lost touch with who you are and insecurity has clouded your true self.  Maybe you are now feeling more anxious than usual or avoiding things you once enjoyed. There’s a part of you that craves to reconnect with yourself and get to the core of your emotions but maybe you’re unsure and scared of what that might look like. I want you to know that you are not alone in this feeling.

We can become so engulfed in our daily routine and life’s expectations that we lose touch with ourselves. We may start to form a mask that covers how we are feeling, just to get through the day. This signals to me that it is time to reconnect with yourself and explore your inner workings more deeply. 

I believe that the relationship we have with ourselves is the most essential and precious. You are your universe and when you feel anxious, withdrawn, or confused about who you are, your world may start to feel very overwhelming and draining. Through our work together we can create new meaning and explore these emotions to their roots.  I love creating a comfortable, nurturing, judgement-free, environment that promotes laughter, authenticity, encourages vulnerability, and a place to have a spectrum of conversations.

I come from a complex yet loving family unit. My family is huge, loud, and always telling ridiculous jokes. I’m the person in my friend group that you can have a serious conversation with and the next minute I’m crackin’ a clever yet cheesy joke. I learned at a young age that humor is a great tool to make life a little easier to get through. My friends and family would describe me as intelligent, caring, compassionate, and witty. I have a very close group of friends that have helped me through some very hard times.

Meaningful connection is something I value above anything else.  I love to be submersed in nature, go to shows around Austin, and be carefree and weird with the people I love. My relationships and being a very open-minded person have shaped me into the person and counselor I am today. I’m a Texas native and have lived in Austin for the last 4 years with my partner, our cat (Pepper), and our puppy (Eevee). 

I would describe my style as unstructured, collaborative, go-with-the-flow, and conversational. My favorite part of being a counselor is getting to know you and forming a genuine bond that cultivates a rich environment for healing. In our work together, I emphasize reconnecting with your strengths, values, and authentic self. I’m here to help you unpack the messages you picked up in your younger years, learn to compassionately respond to your inner critic, and break free of patterns that are no longer helping you move forward.

I was a behavior therapist for kiddos with autism spectrum disorder for three years before diving into the counseling world. The experience of working with these incredible kids taught me patience, understanding, and the skills to support someone through challenging times. After years of my therapy, I transitioned into the counseling world when realizing I had a passion for connecting with others and looking deeper into the emotions that drive our behaviors. During graduate school, I worked with clients at Austin State Hospital who experienced psychosis, bipolar disorder, intellectual disabilities, PTSD, and complex trauma. Additionally, I also worked at Southwestern University, counseling students experiencing anxiety, depression, identity issues, and gender dysphoria. It was a privilege to work with such a diverse group of people, as it solidified that as humans, we all need a safe space to express our emotions and get the support we need.  

I invite you to take this first step and reach out, you deserve a space that is just for you. 

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