Six Strategies to Encourage Your Husband’s Therapy Journey

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Do you wonder about the age-old question: “How do I get my husband to go to therapy?” As a seasoned marriage and family therapist with over a decade of experience, this question seems to follow me everywhere—from the cozy confines of my office to the bustling atmosphere of dinner parties, family reunions, and even vacation getaways. Currently, women are less reluctant to engage in mental health services than their male counterparts. Here are six effective strategies to captivate your husband’s interest and encourage him to begin his therapeutic journey. 

  1. Lead by Example: Embrace the Power of Self-Discovery. Consider modeling behavior you would like to see by embarking on your therapeutic journey. You can inspire your partner by immersing yourself in therapy and sharing its positive impact on your life. Whether you notice changes in your behavior or witness the transformative effects as a parent, let your husband observe the benefits of therapy firsthand. After all, actions truly speak louder than words!

  1. The Gateway to Growth: Explore the Realm of Life Coaching. Picture this: your husband, surrounded by a supportive life coach who cheers him on as he conquers life’s challenges. Although Life coaching is not mental health treatment, it is a gentle introduction to the one-on-one guidance process. It paves the way for future therapy sessions by fostering comfort and familiarity. 

  1. Relationship Rejuvenation: Engage In Therapy Together. Marriage or Couples Therapy introduces the notion of embarking on a growth journey together through marriage or sex therapy. Many men find solace in seeking couples counseling rather than diving straight into individual treatment. Such an approach allows them to acclimate to the therapeutic process. Licensed marriage and family therapists possess the invaluable skill of viewing couples systemically. Should your partner benefit from individual therapy, the therapist can offer tailored recommendations aligning perfectly with his unique personality and aspirations.

  1. A Therapist Match Made in Heaven: Curating the Ideal Connection. For some, having a therapist who mirrors their race, age, sexual orientation, or cultural background is a comforting and harmonious match. Delve into the world of research, seeking out therapists who will resonate with him on a deeper level. Men often find solace and ease in working with professionals who understand their journey. Therapy should feel like slipping into a perfectly tailored suit—a bespoke experience that empowers growth.

  1. Demystifying the Therapeutic Journey: A Roadmap to Comfort. Education is the gateway to dispelling uncertainty and anxiety. Enlighten your husband about the therapeutic process, assuring him that finding the right fit is paramount. You provide a safety net for that pivotal first meeting by alleviating the pressure of choosing the perfect therapist. Empower him with knowledge by unveiling the true nature of therapy and debunking any myths he may have acquired over the years. 

  1. Rebranding Strength: Men and Therapy, a Perfect Match. Let’s rewrite the narrative surrounding men and therapy. Share inspiring stories of respected figures and role models who have bravely embarked on their therapeutic journeys. Take advantage of opportunities to commend men who have gracefully embraced therapy, proving that it is not a realm solely reserved for the “seriously mentally ill” or a testament of weakness. Together, we can shatter cultural barriers and transform therapy into a symbol of empowerment and growth.

With these six strategies as your compass, you can increase the probability that your husband will engage in therapy; however, have realistic expectations, as engagement in treatment is ultimately his choice. Remember, the journey may require patience, but the rewards are immeasurable. By embarking on this odyssey together, you can rejuvenate your relationship, foster personal growth, and pave the way for a future of resilience and joy. 


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