#VoicesOfTherapy: Healing after divorce

#VoicesOfTherapy: Healing after divorce
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I know how hard it is after a divorce. I navigated through mothering 4 children alone for the first time. Working full-time and trying to make up for the damage of a broken family.

Working through my own hurt and pain was what had to be done before I could help my children with theirs.

We have to look at self care and therapy no different than we do eating healthy food to feed our bodies. You can’t help your children, until you help yourself.

It was ok that I was sad, scared and lonely. It was ok for my kids to see that and see me go to the mind doctor. Normalize mental health like you do the dentist and yearly checks. Talk to your children and don’t feel ashamed of yourself. You didn’t fail at motherhood or fail your children.

–Amanda Comage-Trower, mom & therapist

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