Honoring Your Inner Child

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Within all of us there is an inner child. 

The experiences you lived as a child shape the way that you approach and operate through your life now. The relationships you had with your parents, siblings and authority figures were all crucial to your sense of well-being. And ultimately all of those things had an effect on your subconscious mind. 

Your patterns and behaviors now, are the result.

As we continue to get older and have new experiences, we start to discover new truths about the way this behavior as impacted us. This is especially true of adolescents and young adults who are having their first experiences away from home – whether that be new friendship groups, going to college, starting families etc. This is a crucial period where one can learn to deconstruct the old, and re-shape our patterns of thinking to better serve us. This is especially relevant to the young adult who has had less years of subconscious programming to sort through. And you are only a few years out from “childhood”.

This work is what it means to nurture your inner child. You are reparenting yourself into a new way of thinking.

But before you can necessarily do that, you have to acknowledge where you currently are. And what those subconscious patterns look like. For example, say you have a tendency to be passive. Things happend in your childhood that made you take on that pattern on behavior or role. That is a pattern that you have become accustomed to; you start living out that dynamic in all sorts of relationships  as an adult. When you become aware of it, you can make conscious decisions to be more assertive when necessary. With the support of a therpaist, it can become even easier to do this. Someone can objectively bring your attention to these behaviors and patterns. They can assist you with finding new ways to create boundaries, and maintain your sense of peace.

Recognizing these changes need to be made does not necessarily mean it will be an easy ride. It will take dedication. But the outcome of bein able to feel better about your choices and live more authentically is worth the challenge. Sometimes healing will be hard work. But having to make a consistent effort doesn’t make the results any less gratifying. In fact, sometimes it can make it even more so. Just like consistent exercise will eventually make you stronger and more equipped – it goes the same for your mind. 

And sometimes during your journey, there will be tests. Thats the other kicker right there. The tests. When you ask/choose to heal yourself there will be situations that come up to test you and HELP you break those patterns. And it’s okay if it’s difficult at first, because your natural inclination is to do whatever it is your trying to change. That’s why it’s called a pattern. But with consistent striving to do better, you can change it. 

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