My own Journey in Therapy

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My name is Chelsea and I am a counselor here in the North Dallas area. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with seeking counseling. I know it can be scary to do so, and I applaud you for getting started.

In my experience you have to jump in, or else your mind can change. Don’t miss out on this experience for yourself to grow and heal.

My first experience in therapy was in college. I had one of those early adult moments where I felt I was making the right decision, and speaking out about something I felt was wrong and unethical. My peers agreed, but the staff made me feel crazy and wrong for this.

I went to counseling on campus, and it took one session for me to feel better. I just needed someone to empathize with me, and tell me “You’re not crazy!” I felt empowered and heard, and very much relieved. The next experience I had was not so great. The counselor figured out I was a student counselor and took the opportunity to process her issues with me. I learned a great lesson here; self care!

The next experience I had in counseling was after suddenly losing a close friend. I needed a safe place, apart from others who were impacted by their grief, and it was very helpful. Some days I laughed, and cried and laughed. I was able to find joy in little moments, and breathe.

I encourage you to find a counselor that works for you. If it isn’t working try to communicate your needs, or don’t, but please don’t give up on yourself and the power of counseling.

That is why I like Mental Health Match, because you get a chance to watch a video and feel out the person before calling or meeting face to face. I hope this makes seeking counseling less scary, and good luck on your journey!

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