#VoicesOfTherapy: Learning to Open Up

#VoicesOfTherapy: Learning to Open Up

I first went to therapy in college, somewhat by force. My friends were worried about me (I was pretty depressed) and they and school staff pressured me into it. You can only imagine how well it went those first few sessions. Wild horses could not have dragged it out of me!

But little by little I began opening up, and I found that the more I shared, the more I learned.

Twenty years later and I’m still in therapy. It’s been helpful in times of crisis, for sure, but I’ve really grown the most during those times when things are under control; that’s when I can work on the underlying issues that shape my life.

I see therapy as a gift, not just to myself, but to those around me for it allows me to more clearly see how my behavior impacts others.

— “SG”

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