The Importance of Working with Children

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I started my career as a school social worker in Chicago in 2009. I quickly realized how important it was to have school counselors and social workers in schools. Beyond working with students individually and in a group setting, students often would stop by my office for reassurance, a quick talk, a hug, sometimes just to sit and chill out for a few minutes before heading back to class. I have respect for teachers and all that they do for their students and colleagues. I realize their jobs are more than full-time. Teachers go home at night and grade papers. They often worry about their students. I have seen teachers bring extra lunches for kids without food. Our teachers are our superheroes, along with our parents. One of the most important part of my job as a school social worker was to make sure my students felt safe. I would listen to them and try to understand their struggles. I would do the hard job of calling authorities when abuse was taking place in the home. I would teach child abuse prevention classes, and later form my own non-profit organization working to preventing and stopping child sexual abuse. I continue to help children in every way I can. I offer therapy, continue my non-profit, and work in schools. I believe the saddest thing for a child to not feel heard. My job as a therapist and a social worker is to be a good listener. In fact, I tell kids that my super power is my listening skills. 🙂

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