Grey Fog, When Depression Flourishes

Grey Fog, When Depression Flourishes
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

“When depression flourishes,” it is like a grey fog of life’s haze that is clouded. 

Depression is a a very complicated and sometimes over looked disorder. Depression many times can be hidden, if the individual is busy with other activities that are non-social or engaging. Depression can come on suddenly or slowly. Depression involves the entire body, we can feel ill, we can feel exhausted, isolated and alone, avoid events or social engagements.

Our immune system can be influenced, and this may occur with situations creating the outcome or the impact of effect. Diet, sleep, and exercise, as well as finding a positive purpose are very important to mental wellness. What gives us purpose in life? What can bring someone out of depression? What happens when a grey fog comes? Depression can come from a variety of reasons, financial, marriage or relationship issues, family conflicts, school, career, world issues, just to name some.

Depression many times can feel as if a grey fog is never ending, the challenges seem harder than ever to get out of bed or to eat. Depression impacts not only emotional but physical changes within the body, and due to genetics, family history, depression can be passed on to generations. Depression is treatable, and some healthy effective treatments are cognitive behavior therapy, client centered therapy, yoga, mindfulness, and even medication from a prescriber if necessary.

When depression flourishes remind yourself three simple things:

  1. I matter and I am breathing
  2. I have a purpose and I will find it.
  3. I can move forward with help.

So finding purpose is flourishing in life, finding what matters when we are struggling with the grey fog of depression is breathing and moving forward with recognizing “I matter” and “I can get help”. Depression is experienced by many individuals, all ages, gender, and on many different levels. Finding hope, strength, and moving forward towards healing is possible.

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