Healthy Aging: Take Charge of Your Wellbeing

Healthy Aging: Take Charge of Your Wellbeing
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Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

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September is healthy aging awareness month! As one gets older there can be various pieces of advice and information shared with you in order to improve your quality of life. Here are a few staples that can empower and inspire you to take charge of your wellbeing.

Eat Feel Good Foods 

Feel good foods are foods that you enjoy shopping for, prepping, and eating. Eating foods that make you feel energized, fueled, and happy is a solid way to ensure that you are…well, feeling good! Feel good foods will vary from person to person and that is ok – eat what works for you.

Move your Body 

This is a great way to maintain your physical and mental health. Moving your body should be another task that is enjoyable for you! The more movement you can get in throughout the day the better. Moving your body improves your brain health, strengthens bones and muscles, and generally improves your ability to function on the day to day.


Being around friends, family, and people you care about can improve your mood and general disposition. If you’re not able to see people face to face, now would be a good time to try out apps like Facetime or Zoom.

Be Proactive 

Staying on top of your regular dental, medical, and mental health appointments is a major form of self care. Being proactive can relieve any worries that you may have about health issues and allows you to take control over your own medical care.

Practice Body + Mind Connection

The body and the mind are constantly in communication with one another. Keeping them both occupied and in sync can be extremely beneficial. Activities such as stretching, yoga, walking, and journaling are some ways that you can tune into that connection. 

Written by: Julia Girzadas, MSW-C

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