Finding Community after Tragedy

Finding Community after Tragedy
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Shortly before midnight this past Saturday, November 19th, a 22 year old man entered Club Q, an LGBTQIA+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, shooting at people with a rifle, killing five people and  injuring 19 others. The attack happened on the day before Transgender Day of  Remembrance.

Many of  us are devastated by this horrific tragedy and wondering  what to do and how to process the myriad of emotions rising up in response. As New Yorkers, most of us cannot physically support the  Colorado Springs LGBTQIA+ community in person and are wondering what we can do to support those who are suffering.

 Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Reach out  to others in the LGBTQIA+  community to help prevent  feelings of isolation and fear by letting them know they are  not alone.

  • Seek therapy.

  • Continue to support LGBTQIA+ businesses this month and in the future.

  • Donate money (any amount, none is too small ) or time to support this community. (See the  list  below.)

Support for the Club Q Families and Survivors:

Victims of Club Q Colorado Springs Mass Shooting:

Also raising money for those affected by the attack:

Colorado Gives:

Colorado Healing Fund:

Please reach out to us at Blossoming Lotus Therapy. Together we can move through the fear and pain, work towards ending hate and bias crimes and live and love freely one day at  a time.


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