Three Signs of A Healthy Friendship

Three Signs of A Healthy Friendship
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Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

By: Komal Qureshi, MSW-C 

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Every good friendship requires respect and trust that goes both ways. Having communication is needed to maintain a healthy relationship for both parties. Having green flags in your friendship is a good sign that you have a good friend.


Having a friend who communicates with you is an immense green flag. Effective communication is needed to build and maintain a healthy foundation for your friendship. Having a friend who knows how to listen and can deal with any problems that cause tension is a trusting friend which leads me to my next point. 


They tell you the truth and not what you only want to hear

Having friends that challenge us is an important part of successful growth. While it is difficult to hear not-so-good things it is crucial to hear the truth and who better than to hear it from but your friend? Having friends who can tell you when you are in the wrong and how you can fix your situation is a true friend who cares to see you succeed. Having a friend that holds you accountable is important and is a part of growth. 


They understand and respect your boundaries

A really important green flag in a friendship is that your friend should respect your boundaries and feelings. A good friend will understand that you need space and that it’s important for the both of you to have a healthy time apart. It’s okay for them to ask questions but at the same time for them to respond to your needed space with a positive response. A good friend will always support your space.


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