How to Relax While on Vacation

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Do you ever feel so ready for a vacation but have so much work piling up and then feel like you can’t enjoy your vacation while you’re out? Can you put your phone on do not disturb and not answer the emails from Jeff over in the other department requesting immediate solutions for a project that has been in the works for weeks? Do you feel like if your child misses their sports events or theater practices due to being out on vacation, they will not progress as well?

We are allowed to take a step back and relax while on vacation, whether that means booking a flight somewhere or deciding to stay home and rest. Our body needs to be reset from the distractions and chaos that can seem to envelop our life in different capacities such as work, personal life responsibilities, or family troubles.

Here are some tips on how to relax on your vacation:

Establish a handoff – Whether it is work or family responsibilities, it is okay to have a plan to figure out which tasks can be delegated to another person and asking them for assistance so you can engage in your vacation and communicating that with the supervisor. If it is family responsibilities, it is okay to ask friends or family for help if necessary or pausing the routine to enjoy new experiences.

Disconnect – Before you leave town, write up an out-of-office email reply so that your job is aware to contact another coworker while you are out to handle any prominent issues. If you need to not be on social media or not answer text messages that are not important to your travel plans, you can do that.

Enjoy – Look into the activities you want to do while on the trip and if you are with others, see who wants to go do what and enjoy your time in a new environment that you can’t do at home!

Relax – Go to places where relaxation is a part of the culture or agenda to where you can decompress in ways you don’t typically such as a spa day, nature walks, or a nice bubbly hot tub.

It is okay to be selfish and care for yourself on your vacations, it’s for enjoyment and not to be hastened because you know you have other priorities that will always be there. So, just remember down the road when you think of the time you saw the gorgeous beaches or tall mountains and all the beauty that comes with it, you want as your picture memory.

If you are interested in learning more about workplace stress, boundaries, and personal growth that is congruent with your professional growth, therapists are ready to help.

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