Mindset Shift: I am READY to Make a CHANGE

Mindset Shift: I am READY to Make a CHANGE
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

I am Ready for a Change: But Not Quite Sure What That Looks Like


Many of us look at change as something stressful and to be avoided, but change can renew and refresh us! If you ready to make a change but feel like you need some help, having the guidance and navigational helps from a mental health counselor can be a really helpful!

How many times do you hear yourself say “I need a vacation!”? 

Your life is busy with routines – work, school, laundry, bringing the kids to all of their activities, so it’s no wonder that you feel hassled, stressed or on a running wheel that you can’t seem to get off of. 

 Maybe your job seems boring, or your daily schedule seems endlessly tiring. You tell yourself you need a vacation or convince yourself that you just need to get away from it all.

But guess what? 

It’s all there when you come back, and all of that blissful feeling of well-being ends in the first meeting at work, or even in the first hectic morning back in the routine. 

For some people, just the word “change” can be stressful. 

We may associate it with major events, like having to get a new job, a household move or an event that requires a major effort on their part. But there are many changes that we can make that can refresh us on a daily basis, some big, some small. 

Some options or considerations of change are not things that we even normally consider a “change,” but they are things we can do to refresh our daily lives and maintain the balance we need. 

If you have been thinking about making a change or know that you want to make a change, but you need some help getting clarity on what that change may look like, reach out to me today for a free 15-minute online counseling consultation. I offer my virtual counselling services to adults in Washington State and Oregon.

Ryan Joseph Kopyar


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