What is Mindfulness and how to use it to regulate emotions

What is Mindfulness and how to use it to regulate emotions
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What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is our ability as human beings to be fully present in the moment, while maintaining an awareness of our surroundings, bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Mindfulness also involves a core concept known as acceptance in which thoughts and feelings are focused on in a non-judgmental way.

Why practice Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness allows us to focus on staying in the present moment versus thinking too far into the future or bringing up things from our past. This is something that is often seen with anxiety and depression in which we find ourselves bringing up these core concepts and struggle with regulating our emotions. Mindfulness also is shown to reduce anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, improve overall well-being, and quality of life. There is no set time frame for mindfulness exercises, but even just practicing mindfulness for even 10 minutes a day can have many mental health benefits.

What types of Mindfulness can you practice?

There are several types of mindfulness techniques can be practiced. Meditation, mindful breathing, mindful movement, sensory exercises, journaling, yoga and body scan exercises are typical types of mindfulness techniques practiced. 

It is recommended to find a quiet space or area in which these techniques can be practiced. During this time you want to make sure that you are focused, have an open mindset, and are in a comfortable position to get the most out of this time. Remember, you are giving yourself this time to focus on the present moment and becoming aware with your sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Best of luck! 

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