Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Does Online Therapy Really Work?
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Online therapy…is it worth it?

 I get a lot of questions about online therapy and counseling in my private practice. Does it work? Is it as “good” as in person? Can you connect with a therapist over a computer screen?

Overall, I believe, for the majority of people, online therapy is as effective as in person therapy, and it becomes much easier to fit into a busy schedule. The ability to carve out 45-55 minutes in a private space during your day can often be easier than finding a perfect therapist within 20 minutes of your home or work AND who has your ideal time.

 In my practice. I have built my space to provide a calm, serene and welcoming atmosphere for my clients. I recommend an inexpensive sound machine (or phone app) to place at your door as well as headphones with a microphone. Life can get in the way during virtual therapy, and your therapist will understand if you need to step away for a second or answer the door for a package.

 Suffering with anxiety, worry, spiraling thoughts, stress and sadness is something no one should deal with on their own. Reach out to talk with a therapist who can help, and know that virtual therapy can bring much-needed help and relief quickly.

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