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Mental Health Match is passionate about helping people find the right therapist. But we also know it can be difficult to ask for the help we need. That is why we are excited to partner with Okay to Say to encourage Texans to support their loved ones on their mental health journeys.

Okay to Say’s message is simple: it’s okay to talk openly about mental health. Since 2016, Okay to Say has been changing the conversation around mental illness by encouraging people to talk openly about their mental health. This vibrant discussion helps to change perception and dispel stereotypes about mental illness and getting mental health care like therapy.

Now, Mental Health Match is joining Okay to Say as they launch a new campaign. “Speak Up. Share Hope.” is a call to action and a toolkit for friends, colleagues, and family members who want to support a loved one struggling with a mental health concern. 3 of every 4 Texans say they have a close friend or loved one who has experienced a mental health related issue.

Friends and family members often want to help but aren’t sure what to say. Okay to Say’s supporter tips provide the tools you need to encourage your loved ones toward healing and recovery, while also helping you maintain your own health and boundaries. Their tips help people practice compassion, resiliency, and love:

  • Ask and Listen: Ask questions of your friend or family member about their experiences, hopes, and needs. You don’t have to know the right words to say. Just letting our loved one know you are there can be a powerful source of support.
  • Don’t try and “fix:” Don’t try to play the role of an expert. Empathize with your loved one and provide a safe space for them to ask for what they need.
  • Celebrate every victory: There will be ups and downs. It is important to lift up every step forward, no matter how small.

Mental Health Match’s community partnerships work alongside our own initiatives to strengthen connection and increase understanding of mental health challenges. Our free online quiz helps Texans reflect on their needs, learn about what types of support are available to them, and connect with the mental health professional who can best support them on their journey.

As a partner to Okay to Say, we are also working to show how mental health care can benefit each and every Texan. Our #VoicesOfTherapy series shares stories of real people who have experienced therapy. Their stories highlight what they’ve learned and how they’ve grown from mental health care, while also showing how comfortable and convenient therapy can be.Follow their stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Mental health is a part of everyone’s lives, even if we are just beginning to talk about it. You may not know who in your life is experiencing a mental health struggle. Hope begins with open and honest conversations about mental health between trusted family members, friends, and other loved ones. Together, we can make sure everyone has the support they need to begin getting better.

Okay to Say is a campaign initiated by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and supported by The Hackett Center for Mental Health. 

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