#VoicesOfTherapy: An Open Mind to Excel Past Trauma

#VoicesOfTherapy: An Open Mind to Excel Past Trauma

“I started therapy in a moment I didn’t know I truly needed it.

I had just escaped a five-year-long physically and emotionally abusive relationship that left me feeling insecure and lacking structure. As a victim of teen dating violence starting at 18, I had missed out on some of the most formative years of my life. My partner’s possessive tendencies and jealousy tried to control everything in my life in an aim to keep me trapped, isolating me from family and friends while putting obstacles in front of my path to independence.

After escaping, there was a grueling court trial that lasted for nearly a year. For my first year of therapy, my abuser was court-ordered to pay for my sessions. I didn’t take therapy seriously at first, distancing myself from the self-work needed and assuring everyone I was fine until I stopped showing up entirely. Several years later, I thought I had the perfect life with a great job and a loving, supportive partner but something was very off. News reports of Brock Turner’s shortened rape sentence and the #MeToo movement sent me reeling into depression accompanied by feelings of confusion, nightmares and flashbacks. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD, anxiety and bouts of depression.

I finally turned to therapy with an open mind, and now believe it to be a life-long dedication to myself. Thanks to my amazing therapist, I’ve learned coping systems to excel past trauma and the ripples of doubt it causes in other areas of my life. I’ve gained mindfulness skills, confidence, independence, and relief by putting the work in weekly. The sessions I once dreaded are now considered a treat I look forward to each week.

Because of therapy, I’ll never take my mental health, physical health and safety for granted again.”

— Jillian

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