How to Motivate a Drug Addict to Attend Drug Rehab?

How to Motivate a Drug Addict to Attend Drug Rehab?
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

For most individuals, attending rehab can be terrifying and lonely. People get terrified at the idea of staying away from their loved ones and bringing quite a significant change into their lives. However, the decision to get sober can bring a good change. The best way to encourage someone to attend rehab sessions is to make them realize how important the change can be, in their professional as well as family life. Here are a few ways that might be useful when convincing a drug addict to attend rehab:

Enlighten Them with The Importance of Rehab

The individual might be worried about his or her days in rehab, and educating them about it would help reduce their worry and fear. You might as well try to share the experiences of other people in a similar situation who have been through rehab. Help them visualize the significance of the treatment and make them realize that it is important to get treated.

Moreover, there are so many things that the addict would be afraid to give up, including sports and socializing with people. Make sure they know that they will have the opportunity to do everything they love while getting Telehealth addiction treatment. Moreover, addiction treatment is also covered by insurance so they don’t have to worry.  

Don’t Push Them

The most important point is to never push them to attend the rehab sessions. Rather, help them know about the advantages of rehab and let them share their opinion with some open-ended questions. These are the questions that you may ask them to get to know about their opinion:

·   Where do you see yourself in the future?

·   How are you feeling?

·   Are you happy with your life right now?

·   What do you think about going to rehab?

·   What adjustments do you think are necessary for you to lead the life you desire?

Make sure that you consider every word of their answer and try to understand their pain. This will allow them to open up more and share their feelings and opinions with you. Try to comfort them even when they are being irrational, as you do not know the kind of pain or fear they are facing.

Be Upfront

Be honest with them and let them know how their drug abuse problem might be affecting your life. Show your care and love. Share your opinion about them, attending rehab. Never yell at them or blame them for problems as they are looking forward to care and motivation, not something to make them regret their decisions. They need to know that you are there for them.


Involve Friends and Family

Involving friends and family in the discussion. This will make them realize that it is important for them to attend rehab. This is not to blame them for anything, but rather to help them solve the problem by coming together. Show collective support and let them know that no matter what their decision is, you are always going to be by your side. Make sure you try your best to encourage them to attend rehab.


Sign Up for Help

If a loved one is struggling, explain how an Outpatient rehab can help them gain sobriety. An outpatient rehab uses medication(Suboxone) and therapies(CBT) to help addicts with withdrawal symptoms. Help them get motivated about rehab by doing the following things:

•       Reach out to a therapist by yourself

•       Consider Professional Involvement

•       Contact an addiction treatment specialist


Introducing Them to Inspirational People

Something that inspires most people is a success story. Learning how a person overcame challenges and achieved achievements demonstrates that success is attainable. These success stories can change an individual’s point of view about life and help them get motivated and encouraged to get treated and lead the life they deserve.


Bottom Line…

In coming to a close, remember that you don’t necessarily have to put your sanity and well-being at risk if you want to convince a loved one to get addiction treatment. The choice to seek assistance and healing stays with them, but you do have the potential to make healthy and better choices for yourself, further leading to you helping them get motivated. Enlighten them with the advantages and benefits of rehab. Make sure you show them your concern and support them, no matter what their decision might be. Everyone deserves a chance to get treated, this is why most insurances will cover some part of the addiction treatment program. 


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