#VoicesOfTherapy: Self-Understanding

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“I went to therapy for the first time in 6th grade to cope with my parents’ divorce. The experience gave me a permanent understanding of the power of unconditional acceptance and the importance of having my feelings heard, validated and understood; my therapist made me feel seen in a way that no one else had up until that point.

In high school, I requested to see a therapist again – I’d been through more than I knew how to process and a series of extremely challenging experiences left me feeling numb, overwhelmed and unhappy. I discovered more about myself during that time than I could ever express, and that experience guided me into young adulthood with the invaluable tool of self-understanding.

Therapy has continued to play a roll in my life as I navigate my life today – a life that is full of richness, joy and love that I know would not have been possible without the time I’ve spent in therapy.  I’m so grateful to have it as a tool to process my experiences and emotions as a parent and person and to make the best choices I can to have a healthy and stable home.

I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky human being to have had therapy as part of my life.”

– Laura Max Rose

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