How can I be more open about therapy and mental health?

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More and more people are talking about their mental health and their experience in therapy. If you want to be more comfortable in such conversations, here are three tips.

These tips can help you feel more open about discussing therapy and mental health with your family and loved ones.

  • Acknowledge discomfort. It’s OK to feel a bit uncertain or private about your therapy sessions and your mental health. You can talk about therapy with those you trust and feel comfortable around.
  • Be proud of yourself. When you go to therapy, you’re taking care of yourself. A lot of people feel embarrassed about going to a mental health therapist, but you should be proud of yourself. Therapy is just dedicated time to understand yourself and figure out how to live your best life. So good for you for taking this important step! 

If you feel like you can’t go to a therapist’s office in public, Mental Health Match can connect you to a therapist who provides therapy through video conferencing — so you can see a therapist in the privacy and comfort of your home or office.