How do I know if I am done with therapy?

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Many people decide that therapy is something they want to engage with for their entire life. They never want to stop learning about themselves. Instead, they may switch therapists to learn from a new perspective or focus on a different aspect of how they think, feel, and act. 

One way to determine if you are done with therapy (or your current therapist) is if you are no longer concerned about the mental health problems  that brought you to therapy in the first place. You may feel like what you initially came in about has changed. 

It’s not about your break-up or loss of a loved one — now it’s about daily stressors and less impactful matters. You may feel like you’ve found the closure, confidence, and healing you were seeking. The things that used to bother you when you first started therapy don’t bother you as much anymore. You may also find that people close to you have noticed that you’ve changed for the better.

If you feel like you are done with therapy, it’s best to talk to your mental health therapist about your next steps. You can start the process of ending your therapeutic relationship by seeing each other less frequently and coming up with a plan to help you with your post-therapy future. 

Even if you end therapy, you can always talk to your therapist again. You may find that you’d just like to check in or need a little self-care and perspective every few months. You can discuss with your therapist what that can look like. 

If you are ready to try a different therapist, Mental Health Match can help you find a therapist that best fits your needs.