Is it important for my therapist to be like me?

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You may find that if a therapist has a similar background as you — like the same gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, work history, etc. — it’s easier to create a connection and to feel safer and more vulnerable. 

For example, if you and your therapist are both military veterans, you may find it easier to talk about your experiences while in serving because you know that your therapist has experienced similar things. You won’t have to explain as much about your day-to-day duties and the culture of the military. 

The same is true with race, gender, and sexual orientation. If you feel like your experience in the world is deeply impacted by who you are, you may benefit from seeing a therapist who shares a similar identity. They too might know what it is like to move through the world in a certain way. 

What’s just as important is that your therapist shares similar values and that you find them to be relatable, no matter what their demographics are. Mental Health Match can help you find a therapist that you can connect with on many levels. Take our free quiz to learn which therapists can help you live your best life.