What are signs of relationship problems?

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The following are some signs that your relationship can benefit from couples counseling:

  • You find yourself fantasizing about someone else who might be “the right one” for you
  • You feel alone or lonely
  • You feel disgust when you think of your partner
  • You feel happier when your partner or loved one isn’t around or when you’re away from them
  • You begin to keep secrets from your partner and/or vice versa
  • You’re not talking to your partner or loved one as often or not at all
  • You and your loved one are spending less time together
  • There’s a growing lack of respect or contempt for one another
  • There is an increase in fighting or bickering
  • Your fights escalate into screaming, yelling, or physical threats and violence
  • You continue to fight over the same things
  • If you’re in a sexual relationship, sex has become less frequent or non-existent

Relationship distress is not a specific mental illness but it is a reason to reach out to a therapist to receive relationship counseling and help save your relationship.

You don’t have to wait to reach out to a therapist until you feel ready to break up. Even if your relationship feels healthy, you can use therapy to become even closer to the people you love and even happier in your relationship. Mental Health Match can connect you with an experienced couples counselor today.