What can I go to therapy for?

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Mental health counseling is not just for people who have severe mental health issues or specific mental health problems. You can go to therapy for anything that’s bothering you or whatever you want to improve in your life. 

Here are some examples of why people go to therapy:

  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Grieving the loss of a pet
  • Navigating new responsibilities at work
  • Improving a relationship with someone — a spouse, child, friend, colleague, etc.
  • Moving to a new place
  • Understanding your anxiety
  • Breaking a bad habit
  • Working on becoming more inclusive and less homophobic, racist, sexist, etc.
  • Resolving conflict in your family
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Managing stress
  • Being comfortable with who you are and what you look like
  • Coping with changes in your life, such as having a baby, growing older, or living with a chronic illness

You can use our free survey to figure out why you might want to go to therapy and match with the therapists best trained to help you.