What will I talk about in mental health therapy or counseling?

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In therapy, people often talk about what is on their mind, mental health problems they experience, relationships they want to improve, and skills they want to learn. A counselor or therapist will help you observe patterns in your behavior and talk through some underlying reasons why you think, feel, or act in specific ways.  

Therapy is a place to talk about, learn, and explore whatever is bothering you and whatever you’re curious about learning about yourself or others.

Here are some examples of topics you might talk about in therapy:

  • You might want to learn why you — and/or the people in your life — do the things that they do. 
  • You may want to gain some understanding on your life experiences and how they impact your life now. 
  • You may want to focus on your values, aspirations you have, or your needs and how to fulfill them.
  • You may want to explore the messages you’re receiving from society, friends, and family members and how they affect you. 
  • You may find the holidays to be a tough time and want to plan for how you can feel good during that time of year.
  • You may be grieving the loss of a family member or loved one.
  • You may have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and want to better understand how you can thrive while living with that disorder.

You can take our free survey to discover the issues you might want to discuss in counseling. 

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A mental health therapist can be a great catalyst for positive life changes, no matter what you are experiencing.