Self Care for the New Year

Self care for the New Year
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.
Find therapists best matched to your needs. Always free and confidential.

Entering the New Year can feel stressful, what with looking back on our past goals, and looking forward to future ones. But welcoming the New Year doesn’t have to be all stress. It can also be invigorating as you take stock of yourself, your mental health, and where you are headed. With that in mind, here is some self care for the New Year!

  1. Think about your growth in the past year: Take a minute to appreciate all the memorable times with family and friends. Appreciate challenges you were able to take on successfully in the last year. We often look to see what we have not achieved, but neglect to see how far we have come. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments!
  2. Make 2-3 new goals to take care of yourself this year: These can be fitness based goals, food habits you are trying to adopt, or simply finding ways to unwind. See if you can make yourself future “appointments” for enjoyable activities with friends or much needed “me time”. Think of goals that are achievable yet meaningful!
  3. Be mindful of your stress triggers: Beating stress can be a little bit easier if we know what things cause stress or anxiety for us. Being mindful of how our body responds in stressful situations can also be helpful. Make a plan for simple ways to de-stress in the moment, such as practicing breathing, listening to music, calling a friend or simply taking a moment for yourself! 
  4. Think about your support network: We often get so wrapped up in our responsibilities that we forget that we need a support system for ourselves. Who do you look to for support? Are you happy with your current support network? Are you looking to grow this? If so, what qualities are you looking for in a healthy support network?
  5. Reorganize or refresh your living space: Something as simple as changing the position of furniture, hanging a new picture on the wall or adding flowers to your space can really create a much needed change. De-cluttering or doing much needed organization around the house also helps with feeling more at ease and bringing some clarity to the mind!

I hope these ways to welcome the New Year also help you approach your self care for the New Year!

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