Online support groups are affordable and convenient ways to protect your mental health during a time of social distancing.

Therapists you can match with on Mental Health Match are offering a variety of online groups that can help you find calm and community.

Check back for frequent updates to the support groups available to you:

Stress Reduction Skills for Healthcare Workers

A supportive environment for social distancing

We believe in the beauty and strength of community and will offer FREE virtual meet-ups online during the pandemic. People feel socially isolated and anxious right now, and our human nature drives our desire for connection with others. Our online group is not therapy but a supportive environment for social distancing.

Process / Coping Skills

Part process group, part skill-building group, this group provides opportunities for people to share whatever is going on for them in a safe, non-judgemental space and to gain support and insight from others. The second portion of the group includes education on coping strategies, practice of skills, and/or more structured exercises for self-care and growth during this time.

COVID-19 Support Group

This is a group for anyone experiencing anxiety, loneliness, stress, or depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Open support-psychotherapy

Open support-psychotherapy group for those struggling with the effects of COVID-19. This group is open to anyone aged 18 or older, and is led by a licensed mental health professional.

  • Open to: Adults 18+; 10 people max (first come, first served)
  • Cost: Pay what you’re able
  • Meets: Thursdays 10am-12pm
  • Led by: Skeetz Edinger

Staying Connected and Grounded During a Pandemic

This pandemic has been disorienting for many of us. Houston Therapy clinicians, Veronica Welch and Emily Netherton are excited about providing a space of support for the next 8 weeks as we navigate this time of change together.

This virtual group is designed to provide support during this season of change. A mix between a process and support group, the online space will be a unique way to cultivate connection, flexibility and groundedness through the process of relationship.

We come together as humans first to share our current inner experiences and navigate them in an intentional context with a commitment to stepping into our possibilities individually and as a collective.

Body acceptance

Body Acceptance group is a process group for all folx interested in exploring their relationship with their body, dieting and movement.

DBT Skills Therapy Group

New moms peer support group

This is a peer support group to support mothers of infants and young children. It offers support for postpartum depression, anxiety, isolation, and more. It is open to every mother in Texas who wants support/community from other moms.

Teen and Tween Girls

Truth Tribe groups for girls are a mixture of mindful movement, meaningful conversation and creative expression to help girls get out of their head and into their life powerfully. We believe every girl has everything she already needs inside of her, we’re just here to support her through the challenges of cleaning out mental clutter and perfectionism so she can know who she is at her core before she launches out into adulthood.

Benefits to teens:

  • Truth sets you free
  • Relate well
  • Uniqueness is your gift
  • Thrive in all areas
  • Helping others humbles us

Parent of Teens and Tweens

Supporting parents of Teens and Tweens through the challenges of parenting teen girls through adolescence. Through this group you’ll:

  • Learn tools to effectively communicate and connect with your kids
  • Build confidence in your parenting
  • Clarify what matters most for your kids to get while they are under your roof.
  • Get real time answers to your toughest questions

Female Survivors of Sexual Trauma (ages 18+) Virtual Group.