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Divorces and breakups can leave you reeling. The emotions, new routines, and stressors can make it difficult to function. If this speaks to you, you need to know that relief is available.

A licensed divorce counselor can help you sort through your feelings and rewire your thought processes so you can get to a better mental space.

Signs You Need Therapy After a Divorce or Breakup

Here are some signs indicating you should consider divorce or breakup therapy:

  • You feel profoundly sad.
  • You’re having trouble concentrating on daily tasks.
  • You have feelings of guilt.
  • You are in shock.
  • You feel ashamed.

These feelings are totally normal after a breakup or divorce, yet many need support to heal. For a personal look at how therapy can help after a breakup, read this Voices of Therapy about one person’s experience with a divorce counselor.

Healing Begins Now: Get Breakup or Divorce Therapy Today

A licensed therapist can help you process your emotions, communicate effectively with your ex, teach you how to support your kids, help you come to terms with your situation, and more. And with Mental Health Match, finding a quality therapist is simple! To find a divorce counselor, start by browsing below or using our free therapist matching tool.

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