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Miscarriages are fairly common, but that doesn't make them any easier to handle. After a miscarriage, you may experience a wide variety of emotions, many of which can make it nearly impossible to get through the day.

Miscarriage support from a licensed therapist is one of the best ways to acknowledge your feelings, recover from your loss, and move forward in life.

Signs You Need Miscarriage Support

Are you unsure whether you need miscarriage support? Here are some signs that miscarriage support is in order:

  • You feel guilt or shame for your miscarriage.
  • You had a miscarriage and never properly grieved.
  • You feel overwhelmingly sad and find it difficult to complete essential daily functions.
  • You aren’t sure if you can handle the emotional toll of another pregnancy.
  • You harbor anger towards other parents or yourself.
  • You feel intense stress, have recurring nightmares, or relive the day of the miscarriage.
  • You feel heightened anxiety.

Whether you’re experiencing any of the above or just don’t know how to feel, a miscarriage therapist can help you out. To find out more about miscarriage grief and emotional issues, read licensed therapist Rebecca Ray’s article on PTSD and pregnancy loss.

Get Through Miscarriage Grief with Professional Support

Miscarriage grief can be so hard to cope with that you need a professional to help you navigate the situation. That’s why we’re here. With Mental Health Match, finding a qualified miscarriage therapist is easy! Start by browsing pregnancy loss experts below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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