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The benefits that animal companionship provides for your emotional and mental wellbeing are enormous. Animal-assisted therapies are a type of psychotherapy that incorporates animals into peoples mental health treatment plans. People worldwide rely on animals like dogs, cats, and even horses to help them cope with acute and chronic mental health challenges.

How Can Animal-Assisted Therapy Help?

Animal-assisted therapy can help you in various ways, but here are some of the most common benefits:

  • Companionship to reduce feelings of loneliness.
  • Feeling less stressed, agitated, or anxious.
  • Self-awareness as you see animals reflect your emotional state.
  • Learning to set new boundaries.
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Developing trust.

Animal-assisted therapy can also help with physical health, offering such benefits as reduced perception of pain and improved cardiovascular health.

Interested in learning more about how animals improve our lives? Read more from licensed therapist Dr. Beverly Pedroche about the 5 lessons learned from her dog.

Experience the Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

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