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It's not uncommon to struggle with body image issues at one time or another - most of us do. But it’s what you do about it that really matters. If you’re working on cultivating a positive body image, that’s fantastic! Yet, everyone can use a little help every now and again.

A body-positive therapist is a great resource you can use to build a better relationship with your body.

How a Body-Positive Therapist Can Help

Whether you’re seeking therapy for a mental disorder, crisis intervention, or to address body image issues, there are many benefits to using a body-positive therapist, including:

  • Self-esteem-boosting encouragement when you’re having negative feelings about your body.
  • A safe space where you are free to convey your feelings and better understand the impact of social messages about how you should look.
  • Helpful tips, coping methods, and affirmations to cope with self-esteem and body-consciousness.

For an example of how a body-positive therapist can help, read licensed therapist Brianna Ramon’s tips for fighting back against body-shaming culture.

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