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Caregivers often struggle to find time to care for themselves, which is unfortunate, being that stress and burnout are common issues reported by caregivers. If you’re feeling stressed, burnt out, or would like mental health guidance, a licensed therapist can help significantly.

Experienced therapists can help caregivers make time for self-care and prevent resentment toward the people you care for.

Signs You Could Use Caregiver Counselling

If you’re still on the fence regarding whether you should seek therapy, we can help. You should connect with a therapist if any of the following apply to you:

  • You feel persistent sadness.
  • You feel isolated or purposely avoid social situations.
  • You are stressed out on a regular basis.
  • You feel utterly exhausted.
  • You often feel anxious or fearful.
  • You experience compassion fatigue or feel apathetic about the people you care for.

If any of the above symptoms resonate with you, you may wish to read this short article: The Caregiver Guide to Self-Care by licensed therapist Miranda Campbell.

Get Help for Caregiver Burnout & Stress Today!

Therapy is an effective way for caregivers to:

  • Handle negative feelings.
  • Identify sources of burnout symptoms.
  • Learn proven methods to promote mental and physical wellness.

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