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Faith and therapy often complement each other well. Christian therapists provide counseling to people who would like to incorporate faith-based principles into their therapy sessions and overall treatment plan.

If this resonates with you, you should be careful to find a Christian counselor who is also licensed by their state mental health board. Many Christian therapists have pastoral licenses but are not licensed to provide mental health therapy under their state laws.

What Happens with a Christian Therapist?

Christian counseling can differ based on your specific therapists, your needs, and your preferences. However, Christian therapists often incorporate the following components:

  • Biblical scriptures
  • Parables and life lessons from biblical characters
  • Treatment recommendations based on biblical principles and values
  • Calling attention to behaviors that aren’t in line with God’s will
  • Providing guidance on faith-related problems or uncertainties
  • An exploration of how you want to live your Christian values.

Christian therapists provide counseling for a wide variety of mental health conditions and stressful situations, from grief to relationships. If you’re interested in learning more, check out licensed therapist Emily Lash’s Christian perspective on confrontation in relationships.

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