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You are about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life - going to college. While the anticipation of college or university may fill you with excitement and wonder, it could also cause fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and other feelings that can be difficult to tolerate. You may be concerned about leaving home, living in a dorm, or the stress of classes and coursework.

How College Counseling Can Help

College counseling from a licensed therapist or counselor can help you sort out your complex emotions and concerns so you can move forward with more confidence and self-awareness.

Are you curious about what therapy can offer when you go away to college? Read licensed therapist Chelsea Etheridge’s personal story about going to a college counselor.

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If you’re dealing with pre-college nerves or negative feelings concerning college, counseling can help immensely. Once you’re in college, a therapist can also help you handle the stresses of classes, peer pressure, and your growing independence. With Mental Health Match, finding a great therapist is easy! Get started by browsing below or by using our free therapist matching tool.

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